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Our Partners 

Please find links below to our partners who are also working on diversity and inclusion issues. 

Gender Studies at HKU 

The Gender Studies program at HKU explains the human experience through the lens of gender. As a subject, gender includes gender relations and identities, women, and sexualities. As a category of analysis, gender intersects with other categories of social difference, such as race, ethnicity, social class and ability to interrogate cultural production, structures of knowledge and systems of power.

Contact the Gender Studies Program here: 






Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) 

HKU WISE brings together women across science and engineering fields in HKU together. 

Visit HKU WISE's Facebook page:






Other resources 



Committee on Gender Equality and Diversity (CGED)

Established in November 2016 by the Dean of Arts, Professor Derek Collins, the Faculty’s Committee on Gender Equality and Diversity works with organizations both within and outside of the University of Hong Kong to lead the way on gender and diversity, and realize the full potential of our academic community. Since its establishment, the Committee has improved representation of women on key committees, established the Faculty’s Gender Studies programme, launched a seminar series showcasing gender and diversity research in the Faculty, and advocated for progressive change of university policies.

Contact the CGED here. 

Equal Opportunity Unit 

The Equal Opportunity Unit (EOU) is the designated office set up by the University with the vision to assist the University in creating an environment which provides equality of opportunities, and which is free of any discrimination and harassment. One of its missions is to promote the awareness of equal opportunity issues among our students and staff.


Contact the EOU here. 

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