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Gender Scholars Research Directory 

Welcome to the HKU Gender Scholars Research Directory!

This database of gender and diversity studies showcase the work of HKU colleagues. The database gathers in one place all the research and activity around such work to enable anyone interested in the landscape of such gender and diversity research activity at HKU to be able to readily access this information.


The goal is for this database to be regularly updated as and when new outputs emerge but also to have an updated snapshot of the HKU Gender and Diversity Research Scholars Directory published online. Such a directory would be useful to various stakeholders for the purposes of research collaboration, community engagement, attracting postgraduate students, teaching talent and for community outreach, among other things.

Please contact us at for entry updates.

*The directory was last updated in 2019. 

Faculty of Arts 

Faculty of Business and Economics 

Faculty of Education 

Faculty of Law 

Faculty of Medicine 

Faculty of Science 

Faculty of Social Sciences 

Please click here for the complete directory. 

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