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WSRC Board Members on Gender Equality at HKU

Convenor Puja Kapai and Board member Gina Marchetti, also Chair of the Committee on Gender Equality and Diversity in the Faculty of Arts, have written a piece on the policies and initiatives at HKU that are working to tackle gender disparities in the institution:

‘While the number of women in leadership positions has been frustratingly static over the years, these recent initiatives hold some promise. Does this mean, however, that HKU’s work is done? Quite the contrary. The momentum generated since HKU’s signing onto the UN Women’s HeForShe Initiative demonstrates that institutional change requires a clear vision, commitment and vigilance from the leadership to phase out gender disparities as relics of the past. These have no place in “Asia’s Global University”. To be effective, however, leaders require commitment and support from staff at all levels.’

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