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The Process of Becoming a Male Client of Compensated Dating

Author: Cassini Sai Kwan Chu, Karen Joe-Laidler 

Title: Becoming a Male Client of Compensated Dating

Publication venue: Article, published in Deviant Behaviour

Date: 2016


This study explores men’s experiences in compensated dating (CD), particularly their process of becoming a client of CD in Hong Kong. By drawing on 30 individual interviews with male clients, cyber-ethnography of a major CD on-line forum, informal conversations with CD participants, off-line participant observations, and the sparse literature available on this under-examined social phenomenon, we also analyze men’s subjective understandings of being a client, of CD providers, and of CD itself, which influence men’s CD experiences and condom use behavior. Finally, this study sheds light on the contemporary issues of masculinity and sexuality in Hong Kong.

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