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Author: Puja Kapai 


Publication venue: Report, in collaboration with The Zubin Foundation, funded by MWYO

Date: 2018

#HongKonger, the first initiative of its kind to engage with 253 ethnic minority youth on their aspirations, challenges and notions of identity. The research is part of an 18-month project (including a mentorship program) which is a collaboration between the Zubin Foundation and MWYO, a youth-oriented think tank founded by Mr Ming Wai Lau. The study, funded by MWYO, seeks to highlight and magnify the voices of Hong Kong’s ethnic minority youth and their views on their identity.

For the final report and other information, please visit the CCPL website.



Research Impact 

  • The report and its findings were presented to Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam. 


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