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the linked page . for that reason google didn't transfer authority through those links but then google added a couple other rel values ugc which stands for user generated content . sponsored which signifies an ethical paid link they also announced that going forward they would look at these link attributes as hints meaning they may pass value through them at their discretion now if a link doesn't have any of these rel values then it will be called a followed link meaning. the link can pass page rank . help boost your rankings seeing as this is still relatively new i'd recommend focusing on building followed links although that's only partially within your control now it's important to note that nofollow in ugc links aren't bad it's just that followed links are proven to pass authority one final thing i want to touch on is link placement prominent links are more likely to be clicked . it's believed that google takes this into account when determining how much authority a link transfers for instance an editorial link is more likely to be clicked than a link in. the footer so all else being equal. the former will be better than. the latter so to summarize an ideal link would come from a relevant . authoritative page where. the link is followed it would have a descriptive anchor . be placed contextually within editorial content but. the truth is a lot of this is out of your control what is in your control is how you spend your time building links by using these five attributes to help qualify prospects or people that are worth contacting you'll spend your time building links that will actually move. the needle now. the easiest way for a beginner to start building links is to use tried . tested tactics . we'll be covering a few of them in. the next lesson hey it's ammo . welcome to. the fourth lesson in. the link building module today we're going to talk about. the step-by-step process to build backlinks as well as three cookie cutter link building tactics that are tried tested . completely beginner friendly let's get started with. the general process to link building there are three general stages in link building prospecting vetting . email outreach when prospecting you're searching for relevant pages . websites that might link to you these might be people who are linking to a similar page as. the one you're going to create those who have influence in your industry or people who are passionate about. the topic. the main goal isn't to find a perfect list of people this stage is about finding as many people as possible that fit a specific set of criteria . this criteria is usually dictated by link authority metrics as well as relevance as a result you'll usually be working with large . very unperfect sets of data. the vetting stage is where you start to refine your list of prospects these are. the people that you'll be contacting so you'll need to visit their websites . validate that they are indeed people worth contacting finally is. the email outreach stage this is when you finalize your pitches . start emailing your vetted prospects now depending on. the link building tactic you use. the way you prospect vet . craft your email pitches will differ . this is actually quite difficult when you're new to link building fortunately there are a few dead simple but super effective link building tactics that are completely newbie friendly but before we can get tactical let's revisit our definition of link building because there are three main parts in it that will help you with prospecting vetting . email outreach again link building is. the process of building relationships with other relevant site owners who want . will link to your content because it enhances theirs now i want to highlight. the three main parts from this definition relationships relevance . a value exchange we already talked about. the relevance part in. the last lesson now we're talking about mainly. the value exchange . what that looks like in some common link building tactics so let's dig into a few easy link building tactics . i'll show you what each stage of. the link building process looks like in detail plus i'll outline. the value exchange for each tactic to give you a better idea of what i mean alright. the first link building tactic is to get free pr using hero hero or help a reporter out is a free service that connects journalists with sources . sources with journalists just sign up as a source . select. the categories where you're qualified to answer questions you'll then get emails from journalists from various media outlets looking for sources on specific topics . these aren't just your run-of-the-mill publications in just a single email you'll see publications like popsugar .. the houston chronicle to name a few just skim through. the topics . if you find something where you can add value respond to.



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