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Dance Fever is the upcoming fifth studio album by English indie rock band Florence and the Machine. It is set to be released on 13 May 2022, by Polydor Records "A fairytale in 14 songs", Florence captioned the post, adding that the record would be available to pre-order from 8am GMT, although she did not specify from which date.

Further details about "Dance Fever" have yet to be announced, including a release date and tracklist. !! Download Florence + The Machine Dance Fever Album Leak Torrent and you can Get Zip , Mp3 , Rar and Google Drive , DropBox ,Reddit,free full,Album stream0302

Florence explained that it was the first song she had written in lockdown: "I wanted to make something monstrous, and this clamour of joy, fury and grief was the first thing that came out. With dance studios also shut it was my dream to one day create choreography with it. So it’s one of the first pieces of music I have made specifically with contemporary dance in mind."

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Track List:

  1. King

  2. Free

  3. Choreomania

  4. Back In Town

  5. Girls Against God

  6. Dream Girl Evil

  7. Prayer Factory

  8. Cassandra

  9. Heaven Is Here

  10. Daffodil

  11. My Love

  12. Restraint

  13. The Bomb

  14. Morning Elvis

The Machine is consistently singular. The band, led by Florence Welch, have been performing bewitching baroque pop since the late aughts. While their music has become higher in fidelity as their star has risen, they’ve never abandoned their sweeping gothic ambitions.

Though they have their occasional moments of stirring quiet, they’re a group best suited to huge, uproarious songs. Welch is a charismatic performer, often possessed by the power of her own music, and is prone to leaping and bounding around the stage, sometimes running through a theater’s aisles. While writing the songs that would, years later, become Dance Fever, the band’s fifth album, Welch read about choreomania, the Middle Ages concept of being so lost in euphoria that one dances themself to death—an idea that would naturally fascinate someone so morbidly devoted to performance.

These songs would have to reflect this compulsion in their sound and structure, building them to feel at home onstage.

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American singer Florence + the Machine drops new album titled ‘Dance Fever’


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