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Wifi Cracker Tool-version 3.46- Latest Version Free Download Password wrenabun




tool brontosaurusrex: regarding pm to you meaning i did not see it yet I never even tried to log in the chat thing younder: on your client? or on the server? fidel_, thanks guys how i can stop my system from freezing it's always in sleep mode fidel_, on my client how do i remove old kernels?? hmm. i dont recall the password for the wireless tool getting set last time i used it.. the wifi tool, has to be found and the password entered, yer familiar wilhart Younder, I can speak to you and the rest if you're interested... do you know what is the command for removing apt-get package cache? younder: ok YankDownUnder: please do brontosaurusrex: apt-get clean, apt-get autoclean i think brian_: to remove i type apt-get autoclean remove it? ok thx YankDownUnder: most likely you are missing information regarding our support-discussion - so you might want to check back after some time Younder: its possible you have no users on the pc. but that would be a odd issue. or better a channel or topic for that matter ;) fidel_, I'm actually planning on getting out to LA in 2 months time - when I go to LA, I'm going to become a skateboarder. wilhart, if you have autoremove set to true, it will keep some kernels. Younder: the user you are logged in as may of been sudo su'ed to root i guess. wilhart,




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Wifi Cracker Tool-version 3.46- Latest Version Free Download Password wrenabun

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