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Puja Kapai on #MeToo in China and the US

Updated: May 13, 2021

WSRC’s Convenor Puja Kapai was on RTHK’s The Pulse with Leta Hong Fincher talking about the #MeToo movement and feminism in China and the US.

‘I think [the #MeToo movement] runs right through from the personal to the political into the public space because ultimately it is about challenging structural inequalities and power hierarchies and imbalances that have persisted for generations. And I think the #MeToo movement is – #TimesUp or sort of calling out perpetrators – it’s really a signal that times are going to change and we just have to keep pushing the boundaries to bring more female voices out there.

And I think that it’s not enough just to think of gender because when we look at figures…we talked about women in politics, but if you go even beyond that and look at, well, what is the representation of women of colour in politics, or women of colour with a disability in politics, or LGBTIQ groups as well? So there is an avenue for the opening of spaces to be much more inclusive across the spectrum of difference.’

Watch Puja below:

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