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Extradition as a “Women’s Issue”: Notes Towards a Feminist Critique

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

In this blog post, Professor Gina Marchetti looks at the anti-extradition bill protests from February to October and the ‘women’s issues’ they raise from a feminist perspective.

Read the post in the file attached below.

Download • 1.39MB

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Thank you for looking into "Extradition as a 'Women's Issue': Notes Towards a Feminist Critique." Just as interface components connect disparate systems, feminist perspectives bring together voices to criticize extradition concerns affecting women worldwide. By critically studying these interconnections, we may promote justice and equality in extradition policies that affect women's rights.


I appreciate you talking about "Tradition as a Women's Issue." The camera is a potent instrument for bringing attention to the injustices and stories of women. It is through recording and disseminating these stories that we can elevate the voices of women and effect change. Let's keep using the camera to promote justice and back feminist criticisms.


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