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Caroline Dingle awarded Outstanding Teaching Award 2019

WSRC Board Member Dr Caroline Dingle has been awarded the Outstanding Teaching Award in 2019!

The Outstanding Teaching Award is given to members of faculty who have been dedicated, tireless, and creative in their efforts to make learning enjoyable. It is also awarded on the impact they have made on their students’ learning. She emphasizes student-led learning and includes a variety of methods designed to encourage student participation. She creates opportunities for students to participate in the scientific process, both in the classroom and in the field.

Dr Dingle is also one of the most prominent voices on the advancement of women in STEM in the HKU Community and beyond. She makes sure she includes gender equality practices within her classroom and elsewhere in the HKU community, emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusivity in science.

"Science benefits from a diversity of perspectives and approaches, leading to the development of creative solutions for the global challenges faced by society”. - Dr Caroline Dingle


Watch the feature on Dr Dingle here:

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