WSRC is the only research centre at HKU which collates research on gender and diversity from across disciplines and faculties. On this page, you can find gender- and diversity-related projects conducted by WSRC members or sponsored by WSRC.

Completed research projects


Puja Kapai, ‘Doing Equality Consciously’

Puja Kapai, ‘Dreams of Pakistani Children’

Puja Kapai, ‘#MeToo in Asia: Breaking down barriers’


Puja Kapai, ‘#HONGKONGER’


Ongoing research projects & grants

Gina Marchetti, ‘Gendered Screens, Chinese Dreams: Women Filmmakers and the Rise of China in the Twenty-First Century’ (General Research Fund 2018/19)

Elizabeth LaCouture, ‘Beauty, Cosmetics, and the Making of the Sinophone in the Twentieth-century’ (General Research Fund 2018/19)


Knowledge exchange and community initiatives

Sexual harassment awareness workshops for students