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Welcome to WSRC@HKU! 

Gender, Equity and Diversity Work Through WSRC


WSRC is the only HKU-based entity which brings researchers, policy makers, leaders from different sectors within the broader community together around issues of gender, sexuality and diversity across disciplines, cultures, and contexts. WSRC has historically been and continues to be uniquely placed due to its cross-university and cross-community connections to drive research, conversations and discourses on gender, diversity and equity and to do capacity-building work as a form of applied research. WSRC has served as a hub where people come to on research and knowledge-exchange initiatives, and to share their expertise about the latest theoretical and intellectual developments in the fields of women’s/gender/sexuality/queer/intersectionality studies.

Read more about the WSRC here. 

WSRC Board Member Dr Elizabeth LaCouture's New Book 

Dr Elizabeth LaCouture's new book 'Dwelling in the World: Family, House, and Home in Tianjin, China' Her book titled Dwelling in the World: Family, House, and Home in Tianjin, China, 1860–1960, “considers family, house, and home in Tianjin to explore how tempos and structures of everyday life changed with the fall of the Qing Empire and the rise of a colonized city. 

Elizabeth’s book comes out in July 2021. Pre-order the book from Columbia University Press here!

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